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Xi and Putin’s alliance against the “exceptional” US democratic system

Moscow and Beijing united in 2022 in condemning America’s claim to represent a superior way of governing. They attribute their alliance and America’s shortcoming to the fundamental flaws in its system of governance.

“After declaring victory in the Cold War, the United States proclaimed itself to be God’s messenger on Earth,” Putin said. “The ruling elite… seem to believe that the dominance of the West in global politics and the economy is an unchanging, eternal value…They crudely and shamelessly impose their ethics. They consider themselves exceptional. If they are exceptional, that means everyone else is second rate.”

Just a couple of weeks before the beginning of the conflict between Russian and Ukraine, Xi and Putin issued a Joint Statement on “no- limits strategic partnership” and outlined their shared views on democratic governance.

There is no one-size-fits-all template to guide countries in establishing democracy. A nation can choose such forms and methods of implementing democracy that would best suit its particular state. … It is only up to the people of the country to decide whether their State is a democratic one.

The U.S. Congress is likely to intent on confirming the negative attitude towards American politics on the part of both foreign leaders and the American public itself. Half of the third branch of government is not functioning at all: the House of Representatives was left without a speaker after Kevin McCarthy was removed from office a fortnight ago.

The paralysis of the House continues even as Hamas’ murderous attack on Israel and Israel’s retaliatory actions in Gaza threaten to plunge the Middle East into a major regional war that could also escalate into a conflict between Iran and Israel, and potentially the United States.

Here are predictions that would suit the U.S. quite well: Ukraine must defeat Russia and America must close its southern border.

In order to keep the House functioning and prevent the national damage they deplore, just eight Democrats needed to simply abstain – not even oppose the motion to vacate the seat.

Partisan obsequiousness was particularly pronounced among members of the Problem-Solvers Caucus, formed in 2017 and made up of Republicans and Democrats.

It is a group united in the idea that there are commonsense solutions to many of the country’s toughest challenges. Only when we work together as Americans can we successfully break through the gridlock of today’s politics, its website declares.

One of America’s major parties is undermined by the influence of a former U.S. president who openly admires authoritarian leaders. The other follows a top-down model of centralised government and rigid party discipline as the most effective system for gaining and retaining power.

Neither a Speaker appointed by Donald Trump, especially in conjunction with another Trump presidency, nor a weakened Republican Speaker who is kept from pursuing a moderate-conservative agenda by the Democrats, would be in the national interest.

Consequently, the way of the policy in the hands of the United States can only serve the Chinese and Russian leaders well, enabling them to co-operate more and more intensively and pursue their policies together.

It is becoming crystal why the world’s two most powerful dictators – China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin – have long declared that the United States is a rapidly declining power, and they plan to capitalise on this decline to establish a new international order. They attribute America’s supposed decline to fundamental flaws in its system of governance.


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