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Britain, France and Germany have agreed on maintaining nuclear proliferation-related sanctions on Iran

On Thursday, the countries said they had agreed on a strategy to maintain sanctions against Iran after October to give the country a partial respite.

According to the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), concluded in 2015 and unilaterally canceled by the U.S. in 2018, some sanctions were due to be lifted on October 18.

However, the joint statement of the foreign ministers says that Tehran does not comply with the requirements, and the UK, France and Germany are interested in ensuring that the country does not receive a nuclear weapons capability.

“In direct response to Iran’s consistent and severe non-compliance with its JCPoA commitments since 2019, the governments of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom intend to maintain nuclear proliferation-related measures on Iran, as well as arms and missile embargoes, after JCPoA Transition Day on 18 October 2023.”

The decision fully complies with the JCPoA, taking into account the fact of “non-compliance” and Iran’s two refusals to “return to the JCPoA.” The country continued to expand its program beyond the limitations of the JCPoA “without any convincing civil justifications.” Tehran has increased its reserves of enriched uranium by more than 18 times the amount allowed under the deal.

The Ministers also stressed their commitment to “finding a diplomatic solution.” They said they would reverse the decision if Iran fully fulfills its obligations under the JCPoA.

The UK Foreign Secretary say the measures taken are “lawful” and “proportionate”.

Alongside our French and German partners, we have taken a legitimate and proportionate step in response to Iran’s actions.


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