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China and the U.S. are likely to meet during APEC

Friday’s White House press briefing was quite productive as it announced the possibility of a meeting between Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

It has been discussed for a long time the long-awaited meeting could take place on the sidelines during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ scheduled in San Francisco next month. Plans for the engagement between the two leaders are “pretty firm” and preparations are already underway.

It is notorious that last November the leaders already met in Bali, Indonesia on the margins of the Group of 20 summit, notwithstanding the meeting then confirmed the leaders do not share the same or even close judgements. Disagreements over Taiwan confirmed that.

Relations between the two countries are in an extremely strained phase. Renewed contacts are required. The states and China are trying to establish disparate soon after the spy balloon incident. Thus, a number of high-ranking White House officials led by Antony Blinken visited China.


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