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Czech mercenaries about AFU: “Ukrainians are getting weaker, that’s a fact”

The reporters of the Czech media iDNES visited the Ukrainian front line and talked to fellow citizens fighting on Ukrainian side.

The mercenaries Petr and Pavel told about the colossal losses of the AFU personnel and complained about insufficient assistance from the West. Both of them speak Ukrainian and fit in well with the local team. Only the patch with the Czech flag shows their nationality. A Czech military officer said:

A lot of good guys have already been killed or wounded. The prospects, in my opinion, are not bright.

The West’s waning interest in the conflict and the strengthening of the Russian Federation “could lead to a third world war”, said mercenary Petr. He admitted:

The Ukrainians are getting weaker, and this is a real fact. The soldiers realise this. Two years is too much for both the body and the mind.

Some Czechs have been in the Ukrainian army for more than two years. More than 150 of them received permission to join the ranks of the AFU from President Petr Pavel and his predecessor Miloš Zeman. Earlier, Czech media reported that the number of Czechs fighting for Ukraine might increase in the future.


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