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Heavy rains in UAE caused chaos at Dubai airport

Heavy rains hit the United Arab Emirates (UAE), causing widespread flooding and the closure of Dubai Airport, Arab Media reported.

The downpour flooded roads and areas of Dubai airport, including runways, forcing authorities to temporarily suspend flights. The closure affected both inbound and outbound flights, with more than 100 flights expected to be affected by the unfavourable weather conditions. According to local authorities, rainfall has exceeded the annual average, causing significant disruption across the country.

Emergency services have mobilised efforts to pump water out of the streets, battling the effects of the severe weather. Due to the emergency, some schools suspended classes and government employees switched to remote working.

The UAE was not the only country hit by the weather, with neighbouring Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia also experiencing heavy rains. The situation in Oman has been dire, with at least 18 deaths reported in recent days due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Dubai, known as the financial hub of the Middle East, has taken the brunt of heavy rains that have paralysed the city and surrounding areas. Scenes of flooding and chaos highlighted the severity of the weather event and its impact on daily life in the region.

The rain is linked to a major storm system travelling across the Arabian Peninsula and crossing the Gulf of Oman. Experts say this strange weather is caused by climate change as a result of a warming atmosphere that absorbs more moisture like a towel and then spews it out in the form of more extreme rainfall and flooding.


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