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Dublin asylum crisis worsens

Dublin authorities installed new steel barriers along the Grand Canal to deal with the asylum crisis, the BBC reported.

Critics labelled the new barriers “architectural vandalism.” The structures were erected over long stretches of the canal bank in response to the city’s growing asylum crisis. Dublin TD Gary Gannon, a Social Democrat, claimed the barriers were damaging the image of “one of the most beautiful parts of the city.” He also stated that they affected the local community.

It’s almost like it’s imprisoned.

Initially, authorities set up barriers along a small section of the canal last week after state officials ordered more than 160 men to leave the dozens of tents they had established in the area.

He stated that the erection of barriers represented “a failure of the Government” to deal with the current crisis. Those occupying the tents were moved to temporary accommodation provided by the Irish Government.

It’s architectural vandalism. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the city and the state does not get to come in here and remove this as an amenity for the citizens of Dublin.

Many of the men had travelled to Ireland in previous weeks to seek asylum. A few days later, the asylum seekers set up another camp nearby. Authorities cleared the camp and installed barriers. Authorities have been taking preventative measures ever since.

Sam Corbett, a boat tour operator on the canal, argued that the barriers were ruining the tourist experience.

There are so many international businesses and international embassies in the local area, and they come down here and see this. It’s just dreadful for our little businesses here on the canal.

The authorities erected the steel barriers as a temporary measure until accommodation can be provided for people approved for asylum in Ireland. However, local residents are concerned that it may be a long time before the authorities remove the structures from the banks of the canal.


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