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EU discusses Ukraine’s urgent needs and security commitments

EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday discussed the war in Ukraine, focusing on short- and long-term support, Euneighbourseast reported.

On 23 October, the Foreign Affairs Council discussed how to strengthen Ukraine’s defence capabilities, including by increasing air defence assets and ammunition. The representatives of the states then put forward concrete proposals on the EU’s future commitments to Ukraine’s security.

The press release said that the EU commitments would include traditional military assistance, as well as a number of other elements aimed at demining Ukraine’s land and cyber security, so that Ukraine would be able not only to defend itself, but also to deter acts of potential future aggression and resist attempts at destabilisation.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell said that the EU needed to strengthen the defence industry by increasing the production of ammunition in order to meet Ukraine’s needs and replenish its own arsenals. It is important to establish cooperation between the European and Ukrainian defence industries in full compliance with the security and defence policies of the EU member states and their constitutional limitations.

At the meeting, the Ministers discussed how best to support Ukraine’s Peace Formula in order to ensure the widest possible support at the UN.


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