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Hungary is unwilling to follow the new migration pact

Hungary once again refuses to follow the new EU migration pact, which was adopted by Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council in June.

According to State Secretary of the Interior Ministry Bence Retvari, the pact does not solve the asylum problem and will not be able to restrain illegal migration.

“Hungary rejects this new pro-migration proposal by Brussels,” he said as he argued that the pact, which he called a potential migrant magnet, would open a new door to mass illegal migration to Europe.

He added that the pact under discussion would determine Europe’s future, its security, as well as its economic competitiveness and population composition on a long-term basis.

Everybody is free to decide whom they want to live together with controlling the bloc’s external borders is the EU’s obligation.

The pact would require EU member states to accept an initial quota of 30,000 migrants from countries under pressure from illegal migration from the Middle East and Africa, including Greece and Italy, or pay 22,000 euros per non-admitted migrant.


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