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North Korea published correspondence between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin

Kim Jong Un expressed extreme satisfaction with “candid and comprehensive” talks during his recent visit to Russia, and the two leaders pledged to bring ties to “new heights,” according to The Independent.

The North Korean leader wrote to the Russian president, pledging to strengthen ties on the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations. Kim congratulated Putin on defeating what he called “hegemony and pressure from the imperialists.”

“I hope that the Russian people, who have set out to build a strong nation, will always achieve only victory and glory in their struggle to protect the country’s sovereignty, dignity, security and peace by crushing the imperialists’ persistent hegemonic policy and anti-Russia scheme to isolate and stifle it.”

Kim Jong Un expressed confidence in the steady development of relations between the countries based on mutual friendship, solidarity and co-operation. Putin wrote a letter in response, noting the success of the leaders’ latest meeting.

“I am convinced that to implement the agreements will contribute to further expanding the constructive bilateral cooperation for improving the well-being of the peoples of the two countries and ensuring security and stability in the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia as a whole.”

Kim Jong Un broke his own ban on foreign visits by making a six-day visit to Russia’s Far East, after which the leaders exchanged letters a month later. They discussed military cooperation, a proposed arms deal and North Korea’s satellite programme.

Senior officials from other countries see North Korea-Russia cooperation as a possible exchange of Russian military technology for North Korean munitions. The officials’ fears are backed up by recent satellite photographs showing a marked increase in railway traffic on the border between the two countries.

In the first week of October, at least 73 covered rail cars travelled to Russia.

US and South Korean officials have warned North Korea and Russia of the consequences of a deal that violates a UN Security Council Resolution. According to the document, any arms trade involving North Korea is prohibited.


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