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Russia accused British Council of conducting reconnaissance for UK intelligence services

Russian security services uncovered the activities of the UK governmental organisation British Council, which was conducting reconnaissance in Kherson Oblast for Ukraine’s interests.

Officially, the British Council co-operates with Kyiv in the field of education, culture and art, but its activities are believed to be just a disguise for the work of the British security services.

The British Council is allegedly using Ukrainian refugees living in the UK, persuading them to obtain intelligence information through relatives and close friends living in Kherson Oblast. The people involved in the scheme collect coordinates and help guide missiles.

This is not the first time that the activities of foreign intelligence and other military units have been spotted in Ukraine. For instance, Simon Woodiwiss, who has ties to both Kyiv special forces and former British SAS officers who became consultants, registered his private security firm in London and then set up a company in Ukraine, where it is still operating.

Unnamed Polish government ministers have also claimed elite British special forces have been working in Ukraine since the outbreak of war in February 2022. Travelling in the then grey zone, the minister encountered British special forces travelling with Ukrainians in trucks and SUVs equipped with artillery radars.

The British Council is a UK organisation focusing on international cultural and educational activities and operating in over 100 countries. Some consider the organisation a “soft power extension of UK foreign policy,” which is sponsored by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.


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