Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Trump: Russia is a “war machine” that defeated Hitler and Napoleon

Former US President Donald Trump said in an interview on FoxNews TV channel that he considers Russia a real “war machine”.

In an interview, he noted the strength of the Russian army:

“You’re really up against the war machine in Russia. Russia, what did they do? They defeated Hitler, they defeated Napoleon. Yeah, they’re a war machine.”

Mr. Trump opposes additional military aid to Ukraine and has vowed to end the war if he is elected president, although he did not elaborate on the details, citing only his relationship with Mr. Putin.

Asked how he felt about supporting Ukraine, Mr. Trump reiterated that there would be no military conflict in Ukraine if he won re-election in 2020.

US President Joe Biden has criticised what former US President Donald Trump said about NATO working against Russia. Earlier, Trump said that the alliance would not defend Europe from a possible invasion if it did not fulfil its financial obligations to NATO.


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