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Foreign policy chief: EU prepares long-term security commitments for Ukraine

The bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell  said on Monday that EU foreign ministers at a special meeting in Kyiv confirmed their intentions to continue supporting Ukraine.

A delegation of European Union foreign ministers made an unexpected visit to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, on Monday, aiming to demonstrate unity and reiterate the EU’s support for Ukraine. The visit comes amidst doubts and divisions emerging in both the United States and Europe regarding their long-term commitment to assisting Ukraine.

During a press conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Josep Borrell said that the meeting in Kyiv was a sign of the European Union’s “clear commitment to Ukraine”. In other words, the EU will continue to provide military support, ensure accountability for war crimes and the perspective of EU membership.

Borell said that the EU would be able to provide Ukraine with “long-term security guarantees” after the end of hostilities on Ukrainian territory. He has made a proposal to the EU to provide Ukraine with another €5bn ($5.25bn) military aid. He expects EU countries to agree to this support by the end of 2023.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also noted the importance of the meeting. She writes in a statement on the X:

The future of Ukraine is in the European Union, in our community of freedom – one day stretching from Lisbon to Luhansk.

The 27-nation bloc has already committed above 30 billion euros from its budget to support Ukraine.


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